Bamboo Pillow: The Sustainable Solution For Sound Sleep

Have you ever heard of the bamboo pillow? It is one of the latest solutions for people having a hard time sleeping soundly. Bamboo pillows are replacing other synthetic pillows that are hard, non-absorbent, and in no way contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Bamboo pillows are special. They comprise a shredded pillow foam where the outer cover is made from bamboo. The inner filling material can be customized with your choice of bedding material. Of late, the bamboo memory foam pillow has been making headlines for many reasons. To know about the benefits of bamboo pillows, click here to find out more. You can also find the full list here about bamboo memory foam pillows.

Now you may wonder why bamboo is being used to manufacture pillows. Bamboo is one of nature’s most amazing gifts. It is the fastest-growing plant globally, with some species growing up to 91 centimeters or 32 inches per day! B

Bamboo is commonly found in all tropical regions and the American continent. In the US, most bamboo species are found in the deep South, with harder species found in West Virginia and New Jersey.

Bamboo is not really a tree. It belongs to the grass variety. This characteristic makes bamboo sustainable Unlike trees that take ages to grow; bamboo can grow into sizeable commodities within a very short period. Like every other grass species, bamboo can grow incredibly fast, thereby producing a lot of sustainable material in no time. Bamboo is an eco-friendly source for many consumer goods, the latest of them being pillows!

Bamboo Pillows: How They Are Manufactured

It’s almost impossible to imagine something as hard as bamboo being a source of comfort for your head. But it undergoes a big transformation before it is manufactured as pillows. The bamboo stalks are used as raw material as they are packed with cellulose. They are treated to dissolve the cellulose resulting in fine bamboo pulp, which is then woven into a fine thread called rayon. The rayon derived from bamboo is satiny and soft, giving it the name “Artificial Silk.” This bamboo rayon is woven into covers that are used to protect the memory foam.

Benefits Of Using Bamboo-Rayon Pillows

The physical properties of bamboo rayon are ideal for pillows because they:

  • Create a naturally cooling surface to maintain a homeostatic temperature during sleep.
  • Absorb sweat during hotter climates and render undisturbed sleep
  • Prevent dust mites, and other allergens as the material is naturally hypoallergenic
  • Create an anti-microbial barrier to protect the pillow stuffing
  • Wards off the colonization of fungal and bacterial spores
  • Support varying sleep positions by naturally aligning with the body contours

Amazing Features Of Bamboo Pillows

Bamboo pillows are available in standard industry measurements of 20×26 inches, 20x 30, and 20 x 36 inches. These standard measurements make them ideal for store-bought pillowcases.

Most pillows are fairly malleable, although the loft can seem quite high due to the air pockets. You may choose to fill your pillows with shredded or solid memory foam to personalize your sleep comfort. So what are you waiting for? Get your bamboo pillows today and have a good night’s sleep.